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The Activate Mcafee Site Advisor is used for safety and security of all of your Devices from spywares, worms, viruses, ransom-ware etc. It is a good Antivirus ultimate package even additional features have parental management r you can say parental control. It is a popular protection product and it protects your computer from online unwanted bugs and harmful junk.

It has been giving a complete protection for all of your PCs, Macs, smart-phones, and tablets with the benefit of one subscription. It is a protection against the newest threats – block viruses, malware, spyware, ransom-ware unwanted programs, and more.

The Activate Mcafee Site Advisor help Protect all of your Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices. It provides the overall security and safety to your devices. It provides the overall safety from worms, viruses, threats and harmful junk etc.

Procedure for how to access the download page of Activate Mcafee Site Advisor :

1: Go to the web address or URL which is given at the back of mcafee site advisor retail card. Enter that web address on your internet browser.

2: Select the country respective language of the mcafee site advisor which you have bought. They’ll be a pull-down list at the middle of the screen. Select it and add your language.

3: Enter your 25 digit activation key code. The 25 digit activation code is found at the back of the Activate Mcafee Site Advisor retail card; it’s at the bottom-most half. Wrap by a silver foil you need to scratch it first and carry forward.

4: Press on “Submit.” you’ll be navigated to log into your McAfee account.

5: Log into your McAfee account. Enter your username/e-mail and positive identification on the fields provided then it will ask password. Press Enter button on the keyboard once you’re done. You’ll be directed to your user main page.

Procedure for downloading and installing Activate Mcafee Site Advisor help:

1: Press “Go to My McAfee Account” on your user page. It will be appearing with connect install helper. This may offer you quick access to the protection of your device.

2: Select the proper subscription activation code from the list.

3: Click on Download and agree and install tab.

4: Press Agree to the License Agreement. Click “It will act according to the terms” then it will get towards installation. The install window can appear and leads you to installation window.

5: Click “Next” on the Install window. McAfee can currently install on your PC successfully.

6: Click “Finish” once installation is completed then restart your device.

McAfee Provides a Facility to install one product on minimum 3 devices and maximum 10 devices.   Where you can install one product on three or ten different devices at a same time. Various Products are available such as McAfee livesafe, McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee internet security, McAfee all access etc. But Activate Mcafee Site Advisor is more popular because it provides various features of safety and security.